Yurakucho Building Reconstruction Project – Akihabara News

Akihabara News (Tokyo) – Mitsubishi Estate Co. has announced its decision to rebuild the area next to JR Yurakucho Station in central Tokyo, specifically the side facing the Imperial Palace and the Marunouchi district.

The current announcement is limited to the two buildings that lay directly across the street from the Central Exit, the Yurakucho Building and the Shin-Yurakucho Building.

“Mitsubishi Estate has decided to begin this rebuilding project to respond to the high-specification needs of tenants, respond to the social demand for the realization of a carbon-free society and enhanced disaster resilience to ensure business continuity, and contribute to the wide- area regional plan for the Yurakucho area, an appealing urban renewal project, ”a company statement explained.

The statement suggests that many of the specifics remain to be decided, except that the new constructions will become “flagship buildings of Mitsubishi Estate that will lead the restructuring of the area.”

The Yurakucho Building, completed in May 1966, is the smaller of the two, standing eleven stories tall and with five underground floors.

The Shin-Yurakucho Building, which opened its doors in January 1967, is fourteen stories tall with four underground floors.

Both of them will close in 2023 to make way for the redevelopment.

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