Sister Cities Commit to Hydrogen

Akihabara News (Tokyo) – The town of Namie, Fukushima, is collaborating with its sister city Lancaster, California, to commit to hydrogen as part of their green energy strategy.

In an online summit that took place between Japan and the United States a few days prior to the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, mayors Kazuhiro Yoshida and Rex Parris signed a “Smart Sister Cities” agreement that will aim to adopt hydrogen into their efforts of transitioning into cleaner energy.

Namie recently established a large solar energy-powered hydrogen production unit, the Fukushima Energy Research Field.

For its part, Lancaster was the first city in the United States to achieve Net Zero with the development of its very own green energy municipal utility.

The cities intend to introduce fuel cell vehicles as their official vehicles as part of the agreement. They also aim to become a model for other cities and towns to follow in their footsteps.

Just in time to promote their plan, the Tokyo Olympics torch will be lit for the first time using hydrogen, produced by the town of Namie.

“We are thrilled that Namie hydrogen is being used to fuel the Olympic torch, flame, and official fuel cell vehicle. With the cooperation of all parties concerned, we strive for Namie to become a town that pioneers a hydrogen-based society using locally produced carbon-free hydrogen, ”states Kazuhiro Yoshida.

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